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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Help Prevent ESD Damages with Auditor Training

By having a more complete knowledge of static control and how to identify potential causes of ESD problems, you and your administration can prevent ESD damages. ESD control programs which have a significant effect start with regular facility and process evaluation, as well as auditing programs. Auditor training programs can help to provide your staff with the education necessary for understanding static control.
Electrostatic discharge can cause significant damage to your ESD sensitive electronic devices. Manufacturing plants of electronics and those who rely on electronic devices for their operations should be properly trained to prevent costly ESD damage to their devices. ESD facility auditing can help plants obtain certification for ESD Program Standards and to implement programs to prevent ESD damage.
Evaluating and auditing facilities enables more detailed prevention of ESD damage. There are three primary objectives to facility evaluation; they are- finding the causes of ESD problems, determining the level of ESD control based on device sensitivity and assessing ESD controls, and defining ESD control requirements and facility improvements to protect devices.
Auditor training equips staff with the knowledge necessary for preventing further ESD damages and implementing improvements to their facilities. By properly training staff, you’ll be assured you’ll prevent avoidable ESD damages to devices.


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