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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Benefits of ESD Certification Programs

There are a number of benefits to receiving ESD training a certification through accredited certification programs. Receiving certification as an ESD Program Manager, Engineer or Technician, or as a Device Design professional ensures that the individual meets the required criteria and knowledge. Electrostatic Discharge damages can be costly to businesses and facilities operating with ESD sensitive devices. In order to receive certification requires extensive extensive training and testing, which assures that the necessary operating procedures can be implemented within working environments to prevent against ESD damages.

Participating in certification programs provides credibility within the industry for professionals and businesses. Professionals with their certifications have an increased opportunity for career advancement and financial growth as well. ESD training helps to provide knowledge, competency and experience.

Businesses provided their workers with the opportunity to participate in certification programs help to develop a staff of professionals, which should lead to increased job performance. Companies who are certified set the standard of a higher quality of product and help to reduce product loss and damages. Insuring proper safety and ESD prevention procedures are taken can improve employee morale, which also will help lead to a positive increase in job performance. Certification is not only relevant to a company and their employees, but it also helps to assure vendors and suppliers of the level of quality and attention to detail taken.

When considering certification programs, there can be significant differences in ESD training. Some on individual levels, which could be more beneficial for specific jobs and desired growth. Certified ESD specialist programs provide in-depth training and equip companies and professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the industry.


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