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Monday, December 12, 2011

Management Training Certification is a Valuable Asset

Making your business profitable is as much about protecting your company from potential failure and setbacks as it is about setting it up for success. While the smartest minds out in the business world today are formulating winning strategies, designing sound business plans, and developing trendy products, they often leave themselves wide open to potential disaster as they do so. As many companies focus on the path set before them, they tend to ignore their own workplace security and maintenance needs in the process.

Well-run businesses have safeguards in place to keep their operations running smoothly day-in and day-out. These companies have turned to services such as our management training certification program in order to protect their current and future business. By undertaking the training programs offered by Stephen Halperin & Associates, any company can take the steps it needs to prevent electrostatic discharge from becoming a danger to its office equipment and factory machinery.

As any business owner can tell you, keeping your vital office equipment running properly is critical to staying under budget and sticking to deadlines. Allowing equipment to break down can be absolutely devastating in the short-term, and lead to serious setbacks when meeting long-term goals. A well-maintained workplace environment is all that's necessary to prevent disaster, but without the proper auditor training your staff will be unable to assess potential threats before they become serious issues.

With Stephen Halperin & Associates' management training certification, your employees will receive the training they need to prevent electrostatic charge from damaging vital work areas. No matter the size or scope of your business, we offer courses for auditing perfectly suited for any work environment. Our certification ranges from plant operation to the more basic ESD training, all of which are certain to help your company maintain and protect your important equipment.

By taking these courses, you and your staff will be able to inspect and protect your company's workplace while securing your business' time and resources in the process. Your office equipment and factory machinery is constantly in danger of being damaged by electrostatic discharge, but by receiving the proper auditor training you'll have the tools you need to prevent ESD from affecting your business both now and in the future.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Help Prevent ESD Damages with Auditor Training

By having a more complete knowledge of static control and how to identify potential causes of ESD problems, you and your administration can prevent ESD damages. ESD control programs which have a significant effect start with regular facility and process evaluation, as well as auditing programs. Auditor training programs can help to provide your staff with the education necessary for understanding static control.
Electrostatic discharge can cause significant damage to your ESD sensitive electronic devices. Manufacturing plants of electronics and those who rely on electronic devices for their operations should be properly trained to prevent costly ESD damage to their devices. ESD facility auditing can help plants obtain certification for ESD Program Standards and to implement programs to prevent ESD damage.
Evaluating and auditing facilities enables more detailed prevention of ESD damage. There are three primary objectives to facility evaluation; they are- finding the causes of ESD problems, determining the level of ESD control based on device sensitivity and assessing ESD controls, and defining ESD control requirements and facility improvements to protect devices.
Auditor training equips staff with the knowledge necessary for preventing further ESD damages and implementing improvements to their facilities. By properly training staff, you’ll be assured you’ll prevent avoidable ESD damages to devices.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Benefits of ESD training certification

For some, the need is inescapable.  Electrostatic discharges influence the impetus of particular companies and associated procedures.  Those with experience provide training certification, allowing for a wealth of benefits, impacting several facets of clients' companies.  Read the following article, illustrating multiple benefits of training certification.
Your Clients
Just as you and your company members would be clients to training certification providers, you have your own clients who have high expectations regarding handling, design, and beyond.  The industry sets standards regarding electrostatic control, yet those driven to success look to exceed the industry requirements, improving customer relations and the overall reputation of the business.  Those who undergo certification, experience increased customer satisfaction and overall improved quality of services.
Curb Losses
Electrostatic discharge can account for large losses.  Unfortunately, some executives won't understand where the losses are stemming from.  In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to determine the rhyme and reason of product defects.  Those who complete training certification often report higher revenues.  Most times, better overall quality is to blame, yet many companies don't realize accrued savings also comes from curbed losses.
Add another Service
One age-old maxim reminds people of the value of teaching.  You can immediately provide someone with a need, yet if you instruct them as to how to supply the need on their own, you greatly exceed the former level of help.  Just as training certification vendors may improve your ESD knowledge, once certified, you could offer others the same assistance.  Your company can benefit from the new knowledge, outsourcing services related to ESD training.
Halperin Wants to Help
At Halperin, we provide clients with a number of training certification options.  Direct your attention to our ESD training services' page for an explanation of our number of programs, including those orchestrated for plant operators, specialists, and novices. 
Our specialist programs are further broken down into three classes:  Level one (for plant auditors), level two (for program design and administration), and level three (for process capability analysis training).


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Set Your Business Up to Succeed with ESD Auditor Training

Most business owners would like to believe that things are always running 100% smoothly, but the fact remains that there are always going to be setbacks. While every company will have its periods of upward growth and times for cutbacks, that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan ahead to maximize your business potential. To keep operations running smoothly and all your equipment in perfect working condition, you'll want seasoned professionals striving to do just that. To make your business a success, you'll want your employees ESD expert certified with an auditor training course.

By enrolling your staff in the Stephen Halperin & Associates certification program, you'll be guaranteeing your business with the promise of an active workforce set on saving your company time, money, and stress. To keep your operations running at maximum efficiency, you will need a group that can identify key areas for improvement.

Although electrostatic discharge can damage vital electronic components and costly replacements dip your budget towards the red, your crew of ESD auditors will be able to prevent these nightmare scenarios before they happen. With their auditor training, these freshly trained employees will be experts in triboelectric charging, techniques to help control the effects of electrostatic discharge, and the handling and operation of workplace devices susceptible to ESD failure.

So what does your new training certification have to offer for you and your business? By preventing ESD-related setbacks and maintaining a fully functional workplace, you'll be opening up a realm of possible avenues for future success:

-          By eliminating equipment failure and their associated fees, you will have better balanced budgets and more opportunities for advancement
-          A 100% functional facility means that every minute of your employees' time will be well spent
-          A well maintained workplace means you'll get more out of your hardware investment, as the tools you need to succeed will last longer
-          Your crew of ESD experts can be regularly scheduled to make visits and perform audits at any of your places of business, ultimately saving money company-wide

The benefits of a Stephen Halperin & Associates auditor training enrollment are many, and there has never been a better time to receive training certification. With an educated team of auditors on your staff, you'll be setting your business up for both short and long term success. Don't waste resources by allowing electrostatic discharge to ruin workplace efficiency.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Schedule Auditor Training for Employees

Would you like to increase your company's revenue stream?  Of course, you would.  Did you know ESD-related instances are likely costing your business dollars as you read this post?  Electrostatic charges cause disruptions to products and processes.  Unfortunately, this costs you money; yet, the costs are somewhat hidden.  Most executives factor costs related to damaged and returned equipment as well as maintenance needs.  Sending employees to auditor training helps your business curb costs as well as enables you to leverage the employee as a service to others in need.

We at Halperin Associates offer years of experience and passion to train your employees.  We supply the public with a number of training certification and consulting services.  The auditor training course teaches employees the basics of ESD and how to make control measurements. 

Upon completion, workers may address:
-          Work surfaces
-          Floors
-          Chairs
-          Mobile equipment
-          Garments
-          Gloves
-          Hand Tools
..and more.

Ours is a three-day auditor training course, focusing upon:
-          Class room instruction involving ESD basics, device failure and mechanisms, equipment selection, and measurement practices
-          Measurement workshops involving individual instruction on resistance and voltage measurement, hands-on practice using ESD equipment
-          Optional certification program
Your employees will receive quality training and return to your business prepared to test for ESD interference, leveraging state-of-the-art ESD equipment.  They'll know how to use proper materials, ensuring your company saves money on damaged products and processes.  In addition, you'll add another service to your business.  After auditor training, your employee will be able to counsel other businesses about ESD control and measurement.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ESD Training Makes Sense

When confronted with the suggestion of ESD training, many potential clients ask the obvious question, "Why does my company need it?"  It makes sense (and cents) is the most succinct reply we can give but we understand that's not what the client wants.  They need illustration, a conjured image, allowing them to understand the importance of ESD training for them and their workers.  We would like to briefly describe the importance of training.

To start, let's convince you why ESD warrants your attention.  Did you know that ignoring ESD control is costing your company money?  Consultants have discovered ESD can cost the average electronic manufacturer somewhere between 4 and 8 percent of annual revenue.  It's worse for the telecommunications industry, costing some companies an excess of 10 percent of annual revenue.  What's even worse is that your losses are somewhat hidden, being included in operational costs!  Some of you are losing money and budgeting for such losses!  However, leaving room for ESD training in your budget saves money, making a significant, positive impact on revenue.

We can help you achieve ESD control, minimizing damage while maximizing quality, productivity, and profitability.  Following our guidance, your profits will far exceed the cost for ESD training.

Your process starts with three steps:
-          Understanding the entire manufacturing process in great detail
-          Hiring professional and experienced professionals to implement ESD training
-          Selecting and implementing ESD controls, meeting the specific needs of your processes and devices.
We invite you to do more research on your own regarding the topic.  Talk to other executives in your industry and beyond.  ESD control is a necessity and the loss of company revenue is a reality.  Halperin Associates holds years of experience within the ESD industry.  We're passionate about our clients and what we can do for them.  Please refer to our testimonials.

If you're reading this but not the decision maker in your company, bring the potential problems of ESD control to your superiors.  Encourage them to learn more about the topic.  We welcome their calls and questions!  We look forward to incorporating ESD training into your business and saving your business money!



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