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Monday, October 24, 2011

Benefits of ESD training certification

For some, the need is inescapable.  Electrostatic discharges influence the impetus of particular companies and associated procedures.  Those with experience provide training certification, allowing for a wealth of benefits, impacting several facets of clients' companies.  Read the following article, illustrating multiple benefits of training certification.
Your Clients
Just as you and your company members would be clients to training certification providers, you have your own clients who have high expectations regarding handling, design, and beyond.  The industry sets standards regarding electrostatic control, yet those driven to success look to exceed the industry requirements, improving customer relations and the overall reputation of the business.  Those who undergo certification, experience increased customer satisfaction and overall improved quality of services.
Curb Losses
Electrostatic discharge can account for large losses.  Unfortunately, some executives won't understand where the losses are stemming from.  In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to determine the rhyme and reason of product defects.  Those who complete training certification often report higher revenues.  Most times, better overall quality is to blame, yet many companies don't realize accrued savings also comes from curbed losses.
Add another Service
One age-old maxim reminds people of the value of teaching.  You can immediately provide someone with a need, yet if you instruct them as to how to supply the need on their own, you greatly exceed the former level of help.  Just as training certification vendors may improve your ESD knowledge, once certified, you could offer others the same assistance.  Your company can benefit from the new knowledge, outsourcing services related to ESD training.
Halperin Wants to Help
At Halperin, we provide clients with a number of training certification options.  Direct your attention to our ESD training services' page for an explanation of our number of programs, including those orchestrated for plant operators, specialists, and novices. 
Our specialist programs are further broken down into three classes:  Level one (for plant auditors), level two (for program design and administration), and level three (for process capability analysis training).



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