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Friday, September 30, 2011

Schedule Auditor Training for Employees

Would you like to increase your company's revenue stream?  Of course, you would.  Did you know ESD-related instances are likely costing your business dollars as you read this post?  Electrostatic charges cause disruptions to products and processes.  Unfortunately, this costs you money; yet, the costs are somewhat hidden.  Most executives factor costs related to damaged and returned equipment as well as maintenance needs.  Sending employees to auditor training helps your business curb costs as well as enables you to leverage the employee as a service to others in need.

We at Halperin Associates offer years of experience and passion to train your employees.  We supply the public with a number of training certification and consulting services.  The auditor training course teaches employees the basics of ESD and how to make control measurements. 

Upon completion, workers may address:
-          Work surfaces
-          Floors
-          Chairs
-          Mobile equipment
-          Garments
-          Gloves
-          Hand Tools
..and more.

Ours is a three-day auditor training course, focusing upon:
-          Class room instruction involving ESD basics, device failure and mechanisms, equipment selection, and measurement practices
-          Measurement workshops involving individual instruction on resistance and voltage measurement, hands-on practice using ESD equipment
-          Optional certification program
Your employees will receive quality training and return to your business prepared to test for ESD interference, leveraging state-of-the-art ESD equipment.  They'll know how to use proper materials, ensuring your company saves money on damaged products and processes.  In addition, you'll add another service to your business.  After auditor training, your employee will be able to counsel other businesses about ESD control and measurement.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ESD Training Makes Sense

When confronted with the suggestion of ESD training, many potential clients ask the obvious question, "Why does my company need it?"  It makes sense (and cents) is the most succinct reply we can give but we understand that's not what the client wants.  They need illustration, a conjured image, allowing them to understand the importance of ESD training for them and their workers.  We would like to briefly describe the importance of training.

To start, let's convince you why ESD warrants your attention.  Did you know that ignoring ESD control is costing your company money?  Consultants have discovered ESD can cost the average electronic manufacturer somewhere between 4 and 8 percent of annual revenue.  It's worse for the telecommunications industry, costing some companies an excess of 10 percent of annual revenue.  What's even worse is that your losses are somewhat hidden, being included in operational costs!  Some of you are losing money and budgeting for such losses!  However, leaving room for ESD training in your budget saves money, making a significant, positive impact on revenue.

We can help you achieve ESD control, minimizing damage while maximizing quality, productivity, and profitability.  Following our guidance, your profits will far exceed the cost for ESD training.

Your process starts with three steps:
-          Understanding the entire manufacturing process in great detail
-          Hiring professional and experienced professionals to implement ESD training
-          Selecting and implementing ESD controls, meeting the specific needs of your processes and devices.
We invite you to do more research on your own regarding the topic.  Talk to other executives in your industry and beyond.  ESD control is a necessity and the loss of company revenue is a reality.  Halperin Associates holds years of experience within the ESD industry.  We're passionate about our clients and what we can do for them.  Please refer to our testimonials.

If you're reading this but not the decision maker in your company, bring the potential problems of ESD control to your superiors.  Encourage them to learn more about the topic.  We welcome their calls and questions!  We look forward to incorporating ESD training into your business and saving your business money!


Monday, September 12, 2011

The Benefits of ESD Certification Programs

There are a number of benefits to receiving ESD training a certification through accredited certification programs. Receiving certification as an ESD Program Manager, Engineer or Technician, or as a Device Design professional ensures that the individual meets the required criteria and knowledge. Electrostatic Discharge damages can be costly to businesses and facilities operating with ESD sensitive devices. In order to receive certification requires extensive extensive training and testing, which assures that the necessary operating procedures can be implemented within working environments to prevent against ESD damages.

Participating in certification programs provides credibility within the industry for professionals and businesses. Professionals with their certifications have an increased opportunity for career advancement and financial growth as well. ESD training helps to provide knowledge, competency and experience.

Businesses provided their workers with the opportunity to participate in certification programs help to develop a staff of professionals, which should lead to increased job performance. Companies who are certified set the standard of a higher quality of product and help to reduce product loss and damages. Insuring proper safety and ESD prevention procedures are taken can improve employee morale, which also will help lead to a positive increase in job performance. Certification is not only relevant to a company and their employees, but it also helps to assure vendors and suppliers of the level of quality and attention to detail taken.

When considering certification programs, there can be significant differences in ESD training. Some on individual levels, which could be more beneficial for specific jobs and desired growth. Certified ESD specialist programs provide in-depth training and equip companies and professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the industry.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get Unparalleled Management Training Certification from SH&A

Skilled and knowledgeable staff is a must when it comes to an ESD control program, yet efficiency starts at the top, warranting management training certification for executives.  SH&A proudly provides consulting, ESD training, and management training certification, accelerating businesses and enhancing their productivity.

The excellence our team provides also starts from the top.  Stephen Halperin, president and founder, has an extensive background in the ESD industry, making our service unparalleled regarding management training certification.  We understand you'll only trust your business and employees with the best.  The following illustrates some of Stephen's accomplishments within the industry:

-          Stephen has over 30 years experience working in the industrial static control industry and 20 years of international consulting experience.
-          He is a charter member of the ESD Association.
-          Management training certification means your leaders need to know a little about all areas of the business.  Stephen has experience with material and product design, facility and process evaluation, management and supervisory training, program design, and other integral areas associated with the ESD industry.

Any successful leader knows efficiency and success is not achieved in solitaire.  Stephen's associate, play integral roles in the success of SH&A. 

Ron Gibson's experience is shown through the following accomplishments:

-          Over 18 years in industrial static control and 8 years of international consulting experience
-          Long-term member of ESD Association
-          Past General Chair, Certification Chair and Treasurer of the ESD Association
-          Extensive background in industrial process management, packaging, and ESD technology
-          Co-developer of ESD Association's facility certification program



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