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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ESD Training Makes Sense

When confronted with the suggestion of ESD training, many potential clients ask the obvious question, "Why does my company need it?"  It makes sense (and cents) is the most succinct reply we can give but we understand that's not what the client wants.  They need illustration, a conjured image, allowing them to understand the importance of ESD training for them and their workers.  We would like to briefly describe the importance of training.

To start, let's convince you why ESD warrants your attention.  Did you know that ignoring ESD control is costing your company money?  Consultants have discovered ESD can cost the average electronic manufacturer somewhere between 4 and 8 percent of annual revenue.  It's worse for the telecommunications industry, costing some companies an excess of 10 percent of annual revenue.  What's even worse is that your losses are somewhat hidden, being included in operational costs!  Some of you are losing money and budgeting for such losses!  However, leaving room for ESD training in your budget saves money, making a significant, positive impact on revenue.

We can help you achieve ESD control, minimizing damage while maximizing quality, productivity, and profitability.  Following our guidance, your profits will far exceed the cost for ESD training.

Your process starts with three steps:
-          Understanding the entire manufacturing process in great detail
-          Hiring professional and experienced professionals to implement ESD training
-          Selecting and implementing ESD controls, meeting the specific needs of your processes and devices.
We invite you to do more research on your own regarding the topic.  Talk to other executives in your industry and beyond.  ESD control is a necessity and the loss of company revenue is a reality.  Halperin Associates holds years of experience within the ESD industry.  We're passionate about our clients and what we can do for them.  Please refer to our testimonials.

If you're reading this but not the decision maker in your company, bring the potential problems of ESD control to your superiors.  Encourage them to learn more about the topic.  We welcome their calls and questions!  We look forward to incorporating ESD training into your business and saving your business money!



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