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Friday, September 30, 2011

Schedule Auditor Training for Employees

Would you like to increase your company's revenue stream?  Of course, you would.  Did you know ESD-related instances are likely costing your business dollars as you read this post?  Electrostatic charges cause disruptions to products and processes.  Unfortunately, this costs you money; yet, the costs are somewhat hidden.  Most executives factor costs related to damaged and returned equipment as well as maintenance needs.  Sending employees to auditor training helps your business curb costs as well as enables you to leverage the employee as a service to others in need.

We at Halperin Associates offer years of experience and passion to train your employees.  We supply the public with a number of training certification and consulting services.  The auditor training course teaches employees the basics of ESD and how to make control measurements. 

Upon completion, workers may address:
-          Work surfaces
-          Floors
-          Chairs
-          Mobile equipment
-          Garments
-          Gloves
-          Hand Tools
..and more.

Ours is a three-day auditor training course, focusing upon:
-          Class room instruction involving ESD basics, device failure and mechanisms, equipment selection, and measurement practices
-          Measurement workshops involving individual instruction on resistance and voltage measurement, hands-on practice using ESD equipment
-          Optional certification program
Your employees will receive quality training and return to your business prepared to test for ESD interference, leveraging state-of-the-art ESD equipment.  They'll know how to use proper materials, ensuring your company saves money on damaged products and processes.  In addition, you'll add another service to your business.  After auditor training, your employee will be able to counsel other businesses about ESD control and measurement.

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At December 18, 2017 at 6:39 AM , Blogger Bruce Clark said...

I suppose it was a great event, wish I was there...Hope next time I will definitely attend this event for sure, cause it will have double effect with this corporate online courses that built on this new learning experience platform that one of the best on the market right now if compare to similar.


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