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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stephen Halperin and Associates Delivers Management Training Certification

Training is best when coming from a highly skilled and experienced source.  The executives at Stephen Halperin and Associates offer years of internationally-known ESD services, training ESD professionals to be among the best in the industry.

SH&A offers several training programs, yet we urge potential clients to alert us of individual needs so a customized management certification program can be created.  We exceed client expectations, supplying them with enhanced skills and ESD knowledge, impacting their business and production of revenue.

We offer several lines of management training certification, focusing on general ESD, plant operator, and specialty training.  Visit our facility in Bensenville, IL, ask us to come to your facility, or we can decide on a third-party location.

General management training certification programs range from one-day to multi-day seminars. 
Our plant operator programs vary depending on the needs of the client; we understand the role of a “plant operator” varies depending on the scope of the job at a specific location.  

Our specialist programs are multifaceted and offered in three levels.  The level 1, plant auditor training addresses how to make required measurements, verifying process ESD controls are functional.  Level 2, program design and administration training addresses how to design and document an effective ESD program based on the sensitivity of devices at hand.  The level 3, process capability analysis portion addresses how to use advanced instruments to analyze processes, assessing problems to determine what ESD tools are most effective in a given situation.

When your employees need training, what do you do?  You search for the best source of knowledge to elevate their skills and enhance your company’s ability to efficiently address the needs of your clients.  SH&A is internationally known for its in-depth management training certification programs.  Our executives have rich experience in the ESD industry combined with the passion to help others accelerate their outfits.

We have available openings for classes in the upcoming months of September, October, and November.  Give us a call and schedule management training certification.  You won’t be disappointed but you will be inspired!



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